Montaj Modelleme ve Yönetimi

Performanstan ödün vermeden büyük montajlar oluşturun ve yönetin

Tasarımlar daha karmaşık hale geldikçe, bir montajdaki parça sayısı genellikle artar. Solid Edge, kullanıcıların en büyük montajları bile gecikme veya çökme olmadan hızlı ve kolay bir şekilde oluşturmasına ve yönetmesine yardımcı olur. Daha doğru tasarım ve analize olanak tanıyan eksiksiz bir dijital modelde tüpler, borular, kablolar, kaynaklı parçalar ve sac dahil olmak üzere tüm bileşenlerin tam temsillerini oluşturun. Solid Edge, çakışma sorunlarını hızlı bir şekilde tespit etmenize ve gidermenize, montaj talimatları oluşturmanıza ve müşteri incelemeleri gerçekleştirmenize yardımcı olarak maliyetli prototiplere olan ihtiyacı azaltır.

Büyük montajlar için benzersiz performans

Solid Edge’s advanced memory management techniques allow you to easily manage assembly modeling. Quickly create, load and make updates to large assemblies and their associated drawings. Simplification of assemblies, definition of assembly zones, and structure-only navigation free up system memory and allow your graphics display to work more efficiently. With assembly modeling in Solid Edge, you can position complex subassemblies within master assemblies, and switch between simplified and detail views at will, without any waiting. Or quickly turn sub-assemblies into standalone parts, creating a placeholder component for improved performance. A high-performance mode for large assemblies, which automatically activates as an assembly grows, improves interactive performance, with gains of up to 10x faster workflows.

Bottom-up and top-down modeling in context

With Solid Edge, you can design the way you want to, whether bottom-up (by assembling existing components), or top-down (starting from a conceptual layout or by designing parts to fit into an existing assembly). A suite of assembly modeling commands and tools lets you use either approach associatively or non-associatively. Solid Edge’s unique synchronous technology helps you create and modify assemblies faster, using Boolean functions or simultaneous multi-part edits. No matter how your design begins, with Solid Edge you can work in the context of your assembly when creating or modifying components.

Easily manage assembly relationships

With assembly modeling tools in Solid Edge, you can easily update relationships and constraints, whether you are modifying existing parts, or importing new assemblies. Textual and symbolic representations of assembly components and their relationships, organized in an outline format, make it simple to find, activate, and control their display.

Save time with patterning and standard parts

When building assemblies, you often need to place standard or commercially supplied parts, like nuts or bolts, and subassemblies multiple times in a pattern or mirror arrangement. With Solid Edge, you can quickly copy parts and subassemblies into a pattern arrangement. And with available part libraries, you can easily find and place commonly used parts that comply with your company standards.

Faster design of frames and weldments

Solid Edge includes process-specific applications to speed the creation of rigid frame structures and weldments. Embedded engineering process knowledge, along with structured workflows, help you design frames and weldments much faster than with general-purpose CAD modeling tools. Solid Edge frames and weldments are fully associative with Solid Edge assembly, part modeling and drafting capabilities. And Solid Edge allows you to automatically create a parts list that includes cut lengths for each component, customizable for downstream viewers in manufacturing or purchasing.

Realistic assembly rendering and animation

Realistic assembly rendering and animation Solid Edge helps bring designs to life with full photo-realistic rendering, including graphical light placement, soft shadows, and reflections. Realistic motion simulations can be created with powerful explode tools, saved as movies, and shared. A sophisticated time-line helps designers set the exact sequence of operations showing when motors start, shafts rotate, parts fade and explosions occur.

Large assembly management in Solid Edge

One of the biggest issues when working on large assemblies is how much time it takes to open and load all of the parts. Solid Edge accommodates for this by giving the user full control of exactly how a large assembly is opened using a variety of different tools.

Aşağıdaki gösterim de, Solid Edge’in büyük montajları nasıl ele aldığını gösteriyoruz. Solid Edge, CAD modeliniz 10 parça, 13.000 parça veya hatta 2.5 milyon parça olsun, montajlarda daha verimli çalışmak için ihtiyacınız olan tüm araçları sağlar.