Siemens Solid Edge Model Based Definition

Solid Edge Model Based Definition enables the production of a complete digital definition of parts and/or assemblies using a 3D model, moving users to a fully digitalized manufacturing and design environment. Annotated 3D models are far easier to understand than complex drawings, which reduces time spent on engineering documentation and drives downstream validation and manufacturing efforts.

Quicker manufacturing documentation

clearer manufacturing communications

Digital communications speed design-to-manufacturing processes. In Solid Edge Model Based Definition, 3D models that include PMI and associated metadata are communicated via universal 3D PDF, allowing manufacturing data to be viewed interactively. The PMI information used to drive the 3D model is the same information leveraged to create the 3D PDF file, preventing the need to create additional PMI documentation. When required for certification efforts, paper documentation can be easily produced in 3D PDF format.

Use most cost-efficient processes in supplier collaboration

Solid Edge Model Based Definition allows suppliers to use the most cost-effective solution for their business needs by allowing manufacturers and their suppliers to manage model-based 3D engineering efforts digitally using a cost-effective, non-proprietary process. Product and manufacturing information (PMI) can be exchanged between manufacturer and supplier (or engineering and manufacturing departments) without requiring them to be in the same environment.

Compliance to standards

Compliance to industry standards can give users a competitive advantage as many industries require adherence to standards requirements for digital data-based processes.  Solid Edge Model Based Definition complies to MIL-STD-31000B, ASME Y 14.41, ISO 16792, DIN ISO 16792 and GB/T 24734; the software imports/exports PMI using STEP AP242.

Parasolid Inside

The engine behind Solid Edge is Siemens Parasolid® software, the most widely used computer-aided geometric modeling kernel in the industry. Parasolid delivers 100 percent 3D model compatibility between product development applications. By enabling the creation and modification of digital 3D models, Solid Edge delivers on the Siemens commitment to provide digital transformation capabilities to its users.  Digital transformation allows even the smallest organizations to leverage technology to level the playing field with large enterprises.